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Biz Bio

JC Media Consulting Pty Ltd is a cutting-edge Australian business established in 2008 that specialises in talent management and commercialising world-class content for TV, Film, Music and Theatre. JCMC has enjoyed an impressive portfolio of high-quality clients and business partners and has been pivotal in taking Australian content to the world. JCMC regularly connects to the entertainment hubs of Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and London.


TV / Film / Music / Production:  JCMC also offers production and management consulting services to clients looking for expert advice on brands, entertainment, arts, theatrical productions, TV, films and other content initiatives.

Featured Clients

Andrew Christie – Screen Composer

Image by Bleeding Fingers LLC.

JCMC has managed this Los Angeles-based Australian screen composer, arranger, engineer, and producer since 2011. Taking him from the outer suburbs of Melbourne to the heart of Hollywood, at Hans Zimmer’s Remote-Control studios in Los Angeles he started his career cutting his teeth on blockbuster motion pictures and computer games. In 2014, JCMC negotiated a new role for Andrew at the Hans Zimmer/Sony ATV joint venture, Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, where he has become one of America’s leading composers.

Click here to listen to his showreel.

Official theme by Hans Zimmer & Andrew Christie

Prehistoric Planet series 1 & 2 #prehistoricplanet. Original theme music by Hans Zimmer and Andrew Christie for Bleeding Fingers Music. Narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough and the enthralling exploration of ancient earth. These ground-breaking series transports viewers 66 million years in the past to discover our world – and the dinosaurs that roamed it. Streaming on all major platforms.@bbcprehistoricplanet @appletvplus @appletv  @hanszimmer @andrewjchristie

Clients & Partners

JCMC and its CEO Jill Colebourn have worked with a variety of clients helping them take their content, talent, and brands to market. We research the exact requirements of our clients and seek the best platform to get maximum attention and return. Over the years Jill has secured a 3 movie deal for a leading Australian children’s entertainment Act, placed a young Australian screen composer into Film and TV,  is currently in discussions with The Jim Henson Company developing new content, and working on a new TV format in the USA.